The Freeman Chronicles

This is the fruits of my efforts over the past couple of months. Though it was first conceived as a one-off tribute, the ecstatic worldwide response to the short made us reconsider. Now i’ll direct a storyline that will stretch over one or two more episodes. We aim to rally enough donations to make more of the series a reality.

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10 Ways to keep your short film cheap

1. Give yourselves plenty of lead time

If you give yourself plenty of time up front you can streamline your shoot to the most minimal budget.

For my Enter the Freeman short film we also did a partial dress rehearsal the two days prior. We did not want to be slowed too much by blocking and I was also able to iron out issues with camera and lighting.

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How I made the HEV suit

Ok this was my process.  I don’t necessarily believe that this was the bast way to do it.  It changed as the project progressed.


I read online a lot about how people had made cardboard versions of the HEV suit that they had then applied a material like bondo or fiberglass to it and then painted it.  This was my first approach as I had had some small amount of experience using fiberglass and resin.

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